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Shower gel with natural extracts (BREEZE)


Shower gel with natural extracts (BREEZE) - for gentle cleanse and skin
moisturizing we use in our shower gel natural extract from Siberian pine
instead of water. This extract represents 80% of our product.
The extracts of aloe and green tea in combination with
vitamins A, E, F, D-panthenol (vitamin B group) and
mix of natural polysaccharides (Biolin P): inulin extracted
from chicory root and oligosaccharides provide sensitive care
to your skin contributing to the elimination of redness,
irritation and inflammation.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of shower gel to your skin with gentle and massaging
movements in order to foam up the gel, then rinse carefully. Avoid
eye contact. For repeat use.

In case of eye contact flush with water. For external use only.

Individual intolerance to the components.

Nominal volume: 250 ml

See date of expire and date of production on the package
Not available
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