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Extvolat\Hydrolat of Pine


Extvolat\Hydrolat of Pine is a natural MONOPRODUCT
which is a unique element. This extract represents not only independent
product, but also is an important ingredient as a base element

Hydrolat of Pine is based on natural biologically active microelements of
organic origin.
It gently cleanses, moisturizes and tones your skin,
helps to eliminate redness, irritation and inflammation.

Hydrolat of Pine contains a lot of natural microelements with balanced PH-level, which is perfect for hair and skin care. For example it can be used as a separate,
basic product or as a component in cream for skin care after shaving.

«Thanks to its antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-edematous action
hydrolat of pine will be useful
when there are problems with lymphatic and reproductive
systems; it also is suitable for care of oral cavity. This hydrolat has refreshing,
antiseptic effects. It is used to treat skin infections, acne, and cellulite and improve lymph
circulation. Hydrolate of pine serves to prevent hair loss and activate hair growth, combats
dandruff, and helps with excessive sweating, tones and refreshes the skin…»

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