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Technology, innovations and ingredients

Everyone knows very well that many cosmetic products are based on the water, which accounts for 90% of product sometimes.

As the group of our companies has developed and created all cosmetics from only natural raw materials, we decided to develop and use absolutely NEW product entirely replacing WATER with this ingredient, which is called:


On the basis of this ingredient we created our first product line of cosmetics.

We have managed to obtain this ingredient (EXTVOLAT) by using unique equipment developed and implemented into production. This equipment uses the innovative method: "this method is based on directional movement of warm air supplied at a minimum temperature to raw materials (the temperature depends on the kind of raw material, which is located inside the chamber), it helps to obtain from herbs and plants all life-giving force by producing liquid extractable materials and bioactive substances of natural origin and high quality".

Our equipment and method of producing liquid extractable materials are patented.

The percentage of EXTVOLAT of pine in our products is more than 75% and in some products can be about 99%.

We are very careful with the choice of all ingredients for our cosmetic, that is why we use not only natural extracts and green materials for our products. We also try to produce cosmetics, which will fully correspond to your wishes and our high standards and requirements.

We DON’T USE COLORANTS, PARABENS AND ALCOHOL. We are for “green” ingredients in our products and for innovative and safe technology.

Our company tries to monitor all latest trends and developments of cosmetic industry all over the world. We are ready for any cooperation and partnership in projects which would allow to make unique, high- quality COSMETICS in order to meet high requirements of our customers.

Our partnership with famous French company SILAB is a great example of such successful cooperation. We believe that by applying their experience and ingredients (anageline, adandrine) to our products we were able not only to improve the quality of our cosmetics, but also we have received absolutely new product, which became the symbol of advanced technologies and forces of nature.

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